Monday, August 10, 2009 Post By: Susnasty

Spinach Vegetable Soup

Okay, I'm aware that this soup looks like something that came out of a sick person's ass, but it's actually fucking delish!

Anyways, this was my own creation, which I'll try and recreate
Toss a bunch of frozen spinach, some frozen corn and some frozen peas and carrots(hell if i know how much I put in there) into a small saucepan
Then add vegetable stock (I did 2 cups)
bring to a boil, then down to a simmer. add some minced garlic and about a half to a full tbsp of miso paste.
Simmer for, like, ever, stirring occasionally...I did about an hour and a half.
Then either strain all the veggies out and put into a blender, or blend in the pan with a hand blender. Either way, make it not super smooth but not too chunky either.
Stir it back with whatever stock you have left, simmer for a little longer and voila.
It's pretty good, actually.

I topped it with this seaweed sesame seed mix thing that i have

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