Tuesday, October 13, 2009 Post By: Susnasty

Instant Miso soup

O Hai guyz. So I've been a busy bee, and I've found that instant miso soup is a godsend. The problem is finding some. A lot of them have shaved bonito (fish) in them, which is of course UNvegan. I love Sushi Chef instand miso soup. The white miso is NOT vegan or even vegetarian, but the red miso IS! good thing, too because I like red miso better. Anyways, when I'm a bit peckish, its super easy to carry around and have when Im in a rush--just add hot water and BAM!

Okay, I'm done.

Thursday, October 8, 2009 Post By: Susnasty

I'm a posting FIEND

So i found these incredible thingies. They're GoodBelly probiotic drinks. each one is 50 calories, and they're completely vegan and also super delish. they've got a shitload of probiotics in each one. but the best part is the container. they're in this little shot-sized yogurt cups. when you take off the top, you drink from a HUGE SMILEY FACE! Nothing says "delicious" like drinking from a smiley face.

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I feel like posting so I am.

So anyways

I'm writing my college essay about how I love zombies and video games, but could give you a sweet makeover too.
Best college essay idea ever? Maybe.
Anyways, haven't been cooking much. I've been busy. Although I've been having a lot of stovetop popcorn (popcorn with old bay is the SHIT).
Maybe I'll make some cookies tonight. Or a cake. Or some muffins. Or something.
Anyyyywaaayyss. Glee last night! HEART! Also always sunny tonight

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 Post By: Susnasty



I have fallen in love with Honeycrisp apples. They are so incredibly delicious, and they are FUCKING HUGE. No really, like they're the size of my head, its ridiculous.
Just had to say that. cause oh my god, they're so the best apple EVER.

Thursday, October 1, 2009 Post By: Susnasty



I made SNICKERDOODLES! My recipe was from the Sinfully Vegan cookbook. It calls for a half cup margerine and a half cup of shortening, but i didn't have shortening so I used 1 1/2 cups margerine and a bit of oil, with a teeny bit of baking powder instead.

Anyways, they're actually REALLY GOOD! No, really. They taste like actual snickerdoodles. Well i guess they ARE actual snickerdoodles. Man, they're good.
I'm bringing them into class tomorrow. I've got a long class first period, and i'm bring these to share. YAY.


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Get ready for some motherfucking INCREDIBLE recipes and a bunch of posts about the love of being vegan, and how much it sucks to eat out at restaurants.

First up: Making cookies for my class. Will post pictures later

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