Saturday, August 15, 2009 Post By: Susnasty

Baltimore Adventures Pt. 1

Hello all! Blogging from Baltimore.

Looking online, there are very few specifically vegetarian and/or vegan restaurants in Baltimore, but I'm trying my best to find vegan options at several restaurants.
Last night I went with my [very carnivorous] family to the Hard Rock Cafe. After asking the waiter, I was informed that their veggie burger patty IS vegan, so I got that without the cheese and mayo that comes with it. It was actually pretty good.
Tonight I plan on going to PF Changs because they have a vegetarian menu that is also vegan(although a friend with a severe peanut allergy will be joining me, so that may not be the best option).
Off to the Aquarium. I know I should be opposed to aquariums and shit like that, and I guess I am. But I'm selfish and live in Philadelphia, giving me very few opportunities to see sea life. So here I go to celebrate my hypocricy today.
Will post later! Toodleloo!

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