Wednesday, August 19, 2009 Post By: Susnasty

Down The Shore

Down the Shore is what we say in Philly, meaning one is going down(south) to the New Jersey Shore.

Anyways, I'm at the shore for a few days, and I haven't been cooking much because I've been vacationing. It's hard to cook without a kitchen and my lovely vegan ingredients.
I've been trying to live off of restaurant food, which has been proving quite hard. Mostly I've been asking for simple pasta with olive oil or something similar.
Tonight I went for a greek salad--hold the feta cheese. What I got was a salad without most of the veggies (onions, peppers, etc) that had been listed on the menu, AND it was CLEAR that the chef or someone had put cheese in it originally and taken it out. Feta cheese crumbles easily, so I had tiny bits of feta all over and through my salad. Needless to say, I didn't eat it.
Oh well, I guess my dinner of decaf choco-vanilla-caramel flavored coffee and a smartdog with ketchup will have to do.

What I got at the grocery store to hold me over and keep me alive:
Vegan turkey slices, to put on a sandwich with these wheat cracker type things that i'll use as bread.
Apples, peaches, applesauce, dried(like really dried, freeze died) apricots
Some peanuts and cashews
Hummus and bagels

I'll let you know if I'm still alive in a couple days. There's a Wawa next door, and luckily Wawa usually has some pretty good vegan selections. Nothing high scale, but hummus and fruit and occasionally they'll have soy ice cream.

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